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Mind Over Matter to Improve Business


Mind Over Matter to Improve Business

James E. Graham, affectionately known as JimmyG has used his 30 plus years of personal development training to create 6 figure companies, a financially free lifestyle, a dedication to optimum fitness, deeply passionate relationships and a commitment for living life to the fullest. In his live presentations for corporations, charities & schools, he demonstrates how you can use the power of the mind to improve your health, wealth, relationships and business profits through comedy hypnosis shows, subliminal sales workshops, stress release seminars, keynote speeches and personal coaching.

He has written books such as Rich Mind, Poor Mind & Maximize Your Mind Power & From Fat To Fit & Law Of Attraction Marketing and many more. He has appeared on TV and radio talk shows, newspapers & magazines and is a regular guest on the TKO Show with Kara Ro on CKLW AM800 & NewstalkAM1290 His mission is to help others create success, abundance and Live Better, On Purpose. In this episode you will learn about: 1 - What are binaural beats and how can you use them to re-program your mind. 2 - The power of subliminal messaging and easy ways to incorporate that into your daily routine. 3 - How Jimmy found the world of hypnosis and doubled his income in two weeks! 4 - How the subconscious mind works  5 - The impressionability of young children and what ages are most at risk.

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