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Net Neutrality and Reddit for Business


Net Neutrality and Reddit for Business

Chris Jenkins is the Chief Digital Officer at The Symphony Agency and the founder of, which was merged into Symphony in August of 2015. As Chief Digital Officer, Chris oversees all aspects of digital production within the organization, and consults on marketing and technology strategy. After fifteen years in technology, Chris has become a recognized authority on both emerging technology and its impact on culture at large. His technical research and editorials have been published around the world in both print and on the web, and he is a frequent keynote speaker for organizations such as KPI (Key Person of Influence), WordCamp, and the Entrepreneur Social Club.
In this episode, Chris is in studio to talk about net neutrality and why consumers need to pay attention to this issue and speak up against it.  Chris is also a seasoned Redditor on Reddit, one of the most heavily trafficked sites on the Internet and explains to users how it works and how business owners can leverage it for massive online traffic to their own sites if they learn the culture of the site.
In this episode you will learn:
• What is net neutrality
• Who benefits from net neutrality and who loses from net neutrality
• Where and who can people speak to about net neturality
• How America ranks in the world compared to others in technology
• The history of Reddit
• How the culture of Reddit works
• How Reddit is an effective tool for website traffic

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