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A Collaborative Solution to Human Resources


A Collaborative Solution to Human Resources

Ariana Robinson Danquah is the President and Founder of Workplace Lab, a registered non-profit organization in Texas, promoting employee empowerment and advocacy through straight forward practical advice, modern research and consultations using various formats including podcasts and blog posts. Her company aims to promote individual and corporate excellence by supporting organizational transparency and changing conventional employer-employee relationship models. Most organizations focus on leadership development and empowerment from middle to upper management, but Workplace Lab turns this paradigm on its head by tackling real life organizational issues from the employees’ perspective to create an environment of transparency and visibility within the global workforce.  Danquah, who is an experienced HR professional with business psychology expertise and over a decade of academic and industry experience, launched the non-profit sensing there needed to be more focus on the view of the employee to create empowerment from the ground up. The organization and accompanying podcast has attracted attention from employees from all over the world, including the US, UK, Australia, West Africa, South East Asia, and Latin America. In this episode learn you will learn about the workplace lab solution to human resources, how to gain trust in the workplace, how to negotiate for higher pay or position and much more!

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