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Get Fit with FitPro


Get Fit with FitPro

Gus Malliarodakis is the CEO of FitPro. FitPro (FitPro Go! Protein Shake) develops delicious, natural, and premium-quality nutritional beverages, foods, and supplements to conveniently nourish and optimize people’s mental, physical, and physiological health and performance. 

In 1994, Gus was hired by Mark Mastrov to be the National Supplement Manager for 24 Hour Fitness. Prior to this, 24-Hour gyms nationwide did not sell supplements. Gus implemented the infrastructure (online ordering from shops, loss prevention, logistics and sales programs) that turned supplements into an important profit center at 24 Hour Fitness. In 1996, Gus came to Champion Nutrition and continued his push to bring healthy supplements into larger gym chains across America. He proved his worth on the operational side of the business when, in 1998 and 1999, he oversaw the modernization and reorganization of many departments within Champion Nutrition prior to Y2K, and became an integral part of Champion’s operations. Gus has competed in bodybuilding since he was a teenager. In 2006 he earned his IFBB pro card. In 2015, at the age of 52, Gus won the IFBB Pro masters competition, while working full-time at FitPro. Gus says that, “Today, if you want to get in shape, it’s not hard to find a good trainer and a good gym. Maintaining healthy nutrition is much harder. I believe that 80% of success in fitness is not training, but nutrition!” Gus’ unflagging enthusiasm, faith and love of all things FitPro inspires us all. In this interview, you will learn: • The philosophy behind FitPro and how it competes with other shakes on the market • About FitPro’s unique method for producing a healthy shake, FitPro Go! • The value behind businesses that promote overall health and wellness, not only their products

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