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Bathe to Save Our Animals


Bathe to Save Our Animals

Anthony Amos is the founder of HydroDog, a mobile dog grooming solution based out of Australia. The idea made him a millionaire by the age of 28 and today he has brought the brand to the United States with franchises soon to be on sale.
Today he is on a mission to raise awareness for "adopt, don't shop" with The Bathe to Save Tour. With approximately 1.2 million dogs and 3.9 million animals overall being killed in shelters each year, Anthony and his team encourages people to adopt pets from shelters and not to consider buying animals from breeders.
One unspayed dog and her unaltered offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in seven years and only one out of every 10 dogs born will find a permanent home. These are just some of the additional troubling facts that the Bathe to Save Tour is raising awareness about.
Over the course of the next year to year and a half, Anthony and his family will be making stops in all 50 states with their easily identifiable HydroDog grooming station in tow. They've been featured on Larry King and the Rachel Ray show and get noticed everywhere they go. Learn more about their mission at!

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