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What Makes a Great Salesman


What Makes a Great Salesman

Sales is critical to all businesses and who you hire to put in that role can make or break your business. Producers and managers love to generate revenues but often find they fall short of their goals. That’s where our guest on this program, Glenn Mattson, excels. He quickly gets to the underlying cause of any symptomatic productivity issue, suggests an effective corrective action and provides accountability to make it happen.

Glenn's specialty is working with top producers in the financial services industry. He has spoken at the prestigious MDRT and Court of The Table. He works with elite managers of financial services companies who are counting on him to help them grow their producers' revenues and agency profits to the next level. Today he runs one of the leading franchises for Sandler Training with his office ranking in the top 1% of trainers worldwide.  In this episode you will learn:

*Why is hiring great salespeople so hard for most managers? *Why do so many otherwise talented people at sales? 

*When a buyer and seller meet, whos got the upper hand? Why?  *What can a salesperson do in 60 seconds to get a commitment?  *What are the top 3 challenges sales managers face in the US?  *What are the top sales managers doing to address them?  Find more online and take advantages of some of their free resources at

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