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Headshots - For Your Client, Not For You


Michael McCoy is the lead Headshot Photographer at MP Studios Tampa. He specializes in working with people who need to make the best first impression possible. Michael has spent a number of years studying under some of the top photographers in the world, many of whom were photographing celebrities. During that time he noticed a gap in the way people respond to pictures of celebrities and the average corporate headshot. Michael closes that gap by teaching business professionals how to look like a celebrity in front of the camera. He is known for making his clients look confident and approachable in front of the camera, and after his clients see the end result, they wish they looked that good every day.

“I believe that if you find something that you are exceptional at, and you enjoy it, there is no reason to do anything else. For me, that is Headshot Photography. You only get one first impression, and its my job to make sure it is a good one.” -Michael McCoy

In this episode, learn techniques to improve your facial appearance and appear more comfortable on camera and how Michael incorporates these techniques to get clients to reflect the image that their clients want to see, not necessarily what you want to see.  Michael goes through his 5 step process to make his headshots stand out and Jamie learns that he has a good side and has been parting his hair the wrong way his entire life. 

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