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Transform Your Mind in 90 Days


On this program, we speak with Terry Dika Volchoff who is a Transformational Catalyst. By working with people to identify the root cause of their inability to achieve their goals, Terry helps people of all kinds reach their goals.
Terry knows firsthand how frustrating and defeating this can be because she struggled for years with boom and bust and feelings of inadequacy ruling her life. Her mind would go blank and her body physiology would actually change with fear. She could see that there was something missing but……. she never gave up.
She searched on both sides of the pond, creating many adventures to resolve this inner turmoil and frustration. No matter how much work she did, what modality she tried, and although she improved with each new effort, she still felt her potential to realize her true destiny and personal freedom she so badly craved still eluded her. She studied meditation, tapping, Conscious Bars and more. Then, she finally cracked the code.
She discovered a process that "poof" changed her mind chatter from negative to positive. That is the tool she will share with you.
“Rewrite the programs of your mind to change the printout of your life.”
Discover her 90 Day Transformational Journey via this link - http:// create-your-freedom-now/

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