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Berenstein or Berenstain? A Discussion on Parallel Universes


Do you remember The Berenstein Bears growing up? This cute family of 4 bears came into existence in 1962 as a children’s book and became a popular cartoon for the children in the 1980s and even had a series of computer games with it. It was a favorite Saturday morning cartoon for many including myself. Before I take you too far back in memory lane though, The Berenstein Bears never existed. They were the Berenstain Bears.
When questioned about how people remember the bears, a large majority remember them as Berenstein, not Berenstain including myself. The phenomenon is well documented across the Internet and in videos and makes for a good survey question and talking point amongst friends.
Some theorists will point to the parallel / infinite universe theory that allows for all possible realities to occur somewhere in one of these universes; stating somehow, we crossed over into the Universe in which that was the one small deviation from everything else we know.
The phenomenon actually has a name and is more common than one realizes. It is known as the Mandela Effect, derived from the belief by many that Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s when he in fact he did not die until 2013. In short, masses of people can come to believe a reality that in fact never did occur and the Berenstain Bears spelling and the life of Nelson Mandela are just two of many instances of this occurring in our population.
So why do I bring this up?
What we perceive as reality and believe to be true can sometimes be distorted truths in our minds. These misperceptions can be small in scale but grand in effect and will range in scope from what you believe about a particular person or group of people to what you believe you can and / or cannot accomplish.
The wise remain open-minded at all times as they understand that their success and happiness depends on sometimes changing what they believe or know. The most successful and happiest amongst us will avoid thinking and speaking in absolutes, rather keeping an open mind.
Personally, I try to avoid using the word “never” Jokingly I say “I never say never, except that whenever, I say that I never say never.”
Going back to the Mandela Effect and relating it to our business.
1. Be open to trying something that you believe failed before again in your business. It may be that what you did actually succeeded in some capacity but you perceive it as a failure.
2. Understand that the masses are not always right and quit listening to them. It is a natural instinct for people to follow the herd – learn to stray.
3. Question your own reality – if you make $X, what is keeping you back from making $2X? It may just be your mindset.

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