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The 5 Forces of Entrepreneurial Risk


If you are thinking of starting a business, this interview with D. Anthony Miles will get you started on the right path.  He is the Author of  “Risk Factors and Business Models: Understanding the Five Forces of Entrepreneurial Risk and
the Causes of Business Failure,”  It provides the necessary tools and knowledge to help you to recognize as well as
understand the key risk factors when starting and operating a business. The author, D.
Anthony Miles, Ph.D., identifies and explains the five key factors of entrepreneurial risk that
are responsible for business failure with startup ventures. Understanding the very important
information outlined in this book will help you to increase your probability of business success.
Anthony Miles, Ph.D. is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Miles Development Industries Corporation, a
consulting practice and venture capital acquisition firm. An award-winning professor and researcher, D. Anthony Miles
also serves as a legal expert witness who provides expert testimony for local, state and federal court cases. Dr. Miles is a
radio talk show host and executive producer of “Game on Business Talk Radio Show.” A nationally known expert in the
field of Entrepreneurship and Marketing, D. Anthony Miles is a best-selling author of “Risk Factors and Business Models:
Understanding the Five Forces of Entrepreneurial Risk.” For more information about D. Anthony Miles, please visit

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