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Defending Against Mosquitos


Defending Against Mosquitos

Brandon Allen had dreamed of becoming a police officer but a tragic accident in August 2011 left him with having seizures and caused extensive back problems. His dream of being a police officer was shattered within that moment and over the next few months, his health got worse.  He was in and out of the hospital and could barely walk and could not workout anymore. He soon fell into depression.

In March of 2012, he was in the hospital and had hit rock bottom and could not work anymore, He couldn’t drive, and couldn’t be left alone with his child.  He then watched Mitt Romney state, in order to be financially independent everyone should have a business. When he heard him say that, it struck a chord with him and was a wake up call. Suddenly, he found new energy that had been missing since he lost his dream of becoming a cop. He set out on a 5 year plan of becoming a business owner and improving the quality of his life.

In August of 2016, his 5-year list is coming to a close and that month, he took the first steps of starting his own business. He joined Mosquito Hunters. 

In his own words - "The moment I started Mosquito Hunters of Tampa there was since of freedom I felt. I finally felt like I achieved my dream. Five years ago I was in a hospital bed broken. I hit rock bottom. I felt like a failure. Here is the truth about failing…People only fail when they stop trying. When they decide to stay down and not continue forward. It’s when you stop trying is when you fail. Now one might not get the results they we’re looking for, but the point is you try and you continue to reach your goal. If your trying, then are you really failing? The moment you stop reaching for your dreams is the moment you fail."

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