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Taking Stock of Your Home and Business


Taking stock of our personal belongings is not something on the mind of the average person and many may be surprised to know that there exists an industry of professionals backed up with certifications that specialize as home inventory specialists. Enter our guest, Debra Palmer, Certified Inventory Specialist and Owner of Palmer Home & Business Inventory Professionals. Debra has been a business services entrepreneur in the Tampa Bay Area since 1988 and in 2013, she was introduced to the concept of third party inventories and spent extensive time researching the industry. Through exhaustive research and direct communications with individuals who had experienced losses and endured the claims process of their insurance companies without up to date documentation to substantiate equitable settlements, Debra realized the need for inventory professionals in the Tampa Bay Area.

Through the use of cloud based resources, Debra takes stock of your home belongings and then inputs them into a program that stores the data offsite and to which you have ongoing access to for continual input and maintenance. This tool becomes invaluable in the event of an insurance event such as a natural disaster or theft. Keeping privacy a priority, Debra works to keep you prepared ahead of the need for disaster assistance with your belongings.

Below are some FAQs on her services too from her site and keep in mind she also handles business inventories as well and can be reached at 813-308-9727. Find this interview and many more entrepreneurial discussions at and!

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