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The Basics of Fictitious Names in Business


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Our guest today at 8am was Frank Lago of the Walk Law Firm. Frank is an attorney and their firm specializes in all areas of business law. The #MorningDiscussion today focused on fictitious name, how to use them and some of the laws surrounding their use. Everyone is familiar with branding and how many companies are using brand names that are not their actual company names. These dba’s as they are referred to in business are common and are regulated in their use. To start, check the availability of the name at – there is a search box for the company name as well as the fictitious name. Many overlook this filing and it is important because consumers need to know who they are doing business with in the event of a legal situation. For example, That Business Show is a fictitious name for Meloni Productions, LLC, the entity that the program does business under. The registrations are not the same as trademarks and Frank shares with the listeners some of the basics of trademarks on this segment too. Trademarks give Federal protection versus the state filing which is protection on a smaller scale. Many overlook this filing so check on your filing today at and reach out to the Walk Law Firm for all your business’s legal needs at or via phone at 813-999-0199. Catch the complete interview at and visit to get on the program for yourself!!

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