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Need an Investor? Take the Ark with Ark Applications!


In this opening segment, Jamie and Kelly spoke with Justin Smith and Daniel Greco of Ark Applications. This family owned company works in the Tampa Bay community to help fund and develop small businesses. Daniel brings more than 20 years’ broad-based general management experience & prior to joining Ark Applications in 2015, Dan served as Chief Operating Officer & General Manager of Garden Light LED, an architectural and landscape lighting company based in Tampa, FL.

With over 10 years of experience in marketing, Justin has significant capabilities in promoting products and services. His entrepreneurial spirit has enabled him to manage project and bring ideas to life through careful planning and implementation. During his professional career he has spearheaded new areas of business including app development, video content generation, user interface design, and creative marketing efforts. As a creative problem solver, he strives to find simple solutions to complex problems.

Together, this private equity/consulting group is giving another resource to Tampa Bay entrepreneurs to get their businesses off of the ground. To help your business grow, they look at the 3 P’s, people, product and process. These components are essential to understanding the business and how it operates and serves as a benchmark when reviewing companies to work with. They share with the listeners tips on approaching investors and dissuade some of the recent assumptions that investors are strictly looking for tech ideas, specifically apps. The team is very committed to the Tampa Bay community and actively works with the University Of Tampa Entrepreneurship Center along with Tampa Bay Wave, an entrepreneurial startup / incubator group in the area that they discuss too on this program.

If you have an idea or business that needs help, consider them a resource. To pitch your product or service, reach out to them at and they are located at 16130 N Florida Ave in Lutz, FL. Email address is!! Watch this video and be sure to leave a comment and subscribe!!

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