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In 2013, Jamie started a radio show called The Jamie Meloni Real Estate show which aired Mondays at Noon on Tampa Bay's 1250 WHNZ. Then on February 2nd, 2015, he launched the 5 day a week live program, That Business Show which aired for two years from 7am to 9am each morning on 1250 WHNZ. In March of 2017, the program moved to an online web based television show and new episodes aired each morning (pre-recorded) at www.ThatBusinessNetwork.Com with Thursdays being The Real Estate Edition of the program. The program was ended in October 2017 but past episodes remain online to listen to. Jamie has interviewed over 1100 different business professionals and has a vast network of contacts across Tampa Bay and the Country as a result of the radio show / podcast and his extensive success in Real Estate sales. Learn more about the show at www.ThatBusinessNetwork.Com!

The Inventor of the Wonderfall on #ThatBusinessShow


First up on the 7AM hour, Jamie Meloni and Kelly Wilson invited Brian Kornfeld of PopKorn Apps onto the discussion! Brian is the Founder of PopKorn Apps where he works to design apps at a fraction of the cost of the typical app designer. Brian has a background in aerospace engineering and utilizes his extensive knowledge of systems and processes to design apps efficiently, thus reducing the time and cost to market versus his competitors. We touched on the RhiKnow App he developed last year that works as a social network to get recommendations from just your friend/peer network on places to eat, travel and more; think of it as Yelp with just recommendations from people you know and trust. This app can be found on iOS and Android operating systems free of charge too. Brian also elaborates on some of his other creations including Cheap Buzz which is a great way for college students to hear about deals at local bars. CheepBuzz allows for bars to post any special and have the users sort through and see what they might like. Users can even get better specials by using the “Chick-In” function, which will only work while they are at a given bar during the time of the deal. We also heard about Eazy Menu which is a new and innovative way to help you pick your best option to eat at a large number of restaurants. EazyMenu takes your dietary preferences and restrictions to help comb through large menus while helping you easily read in a dark restaurant, saving you time and stress. There have been many app success stories in the news lately including PikMyKid which we highlighted last year just after launch and today is in discussion with Microsoft on a deal. With the move from desktop to mobile, apps are in high demand, you just need an idea to get started. Brian invites you out for a discussion free of charge – give him a call at 727-415-6705 and visit him online at!

Next up on the 7AM Hour was Tim Pickens, Owner of Wonderfall! Tim Pickens is a fourth generation Floridian, minster, inventor, and small business owner who has always been creative; he just didn’t know until about twenty years ago when he was helping his sister set up her Christmas village display. He made his own snow for the display by rubbing two Styrofoam blocks together above the display. Both thought they should go buy a snow machine for a village display, thinking there would be one.there wasn’t. Three months later, he sat up in bed provoked by a thought so clear it was almost an image before him: make a box, create the right size holes in the box floor for the snow material, and slow agitation will evenly and gradually create a gentle snowfall effect. Ever since then, he has been making snow and confetti machines. The effects are as realistic as you want them to be and we make sure you have the best materials to choose from. Wonderfall is his newest creation and Tim hopes that you enjoy it; it’s wireless, which allows you to create your own custom falling effect with “snow” and party confetti, and you can easily mount it from a single point. To learn more, head over to:!

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