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Providing Tailored Legal Services for Entrepreneurs


Happy #FocusFriday on #ThatBusinessShow! Thank you for participating in the show and our events with the Tampa Bay Buisiness Owners, as the show wouldn’t exist without the support of the community. You can check up on all of the Tampa Bay Business owners’ events at:! And if you’re a business owner, consider become part of the community, based on collaboration, education, and innovation. With the Tampa Bay Business Owners comes #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni! On the show, many professionals throughout the Tampa Bay Community have come to discuss their business, and highlight what they do for our city! If you’d like to come on the air to discuss your vision, head over to:! Today was #FocusFriday at 7AM here on #ThatBusinessShow, and that means that Jamie Meloni welcomed Juliann Nichols, CEO of Focus on You Strategy to the show! Juliann also brought Kalpesh Patel, Attorney and Counselor at Law with FL Patel Law! At the 8AM Hour, Jaime Meloni and Kelly Wilson welcomed Law Smith, the CEO and Co Founder of Tocobaga Consulting to the #MorningAir! If you missed out on the show, please consider heading over to: for all of our show data, or watch all of our live streams on Jamie’s YouTube Channel at:!

At the 7AM Hour, we welcomed Juliann Nichols, CEO of Focus On You Strategy, and Kalpesh Patel, Attorney and Counselor at Law with FL Patel Law! Today’s Focus On You Topic: Providing Tailored Legal Services for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses! Oh, and we encourage our listeners to attend Juliann’s events, as she is truly talented in her field. You can learn more about her events at:! First: a little more about Juliann Nichols. She’s a Connector. Mentor. Catalyst. Designer. Rainmaker. Business Strategist. The Sales Closer. She is a serial entrepreneur having been a Disc Jockey, Private Investigator, and Handbag designer. Her reputation as a well-respected, trusted and highly valued advisor to countless businesses is no accident. Despite the title or job description, Juliann Nichols walks her talk by cultivating a personal brand that demonstrates who she is, no matter what she’s doing. Juliann combines an open and welcoming personality, contagious sense of humor and astute head for business that has propelled her to be consistently approached as an expert in personal and business branding and being the CEO of you. You can find out more about how she can help bring out the CEO in You at:! Today’s guest is Kalpesh J. Patel, Attorney and Counselor at Law. Mr. Patel is a sole practitioner who provides legal services and counseling to small business in the Tampa Bay area. He came to the United States as an immigrant, and his entire family has worked hard for their futures. He is a proud entrepreneur. “The entrepreneurial spirit was nailed down in me from a very early age. I studied entrepreneurship in high school, double majored in business management and administration in college, and obtained a law degree with an emphasis on business law.” He joined the #MorningDiscussion to tell our listeners about how important it is to have an attorney on standby, especially to review your contracts, of which he shared a few horror stories. If you missed this discussion, then head over to: now!

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