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Foxy Home Buyer on #ThatBusinessShow


Our next guest on #ThatBusinessShow was Damon Hart, Owner of Foxy Home Buyer! What Is Foxy Home Buyer, you may wonder? Foxy Home Buyer has been in the industry since 2004, when Damon learned about the Mortgage side of Real Estate after learning about investing. Unfortunately, like many Americans, he went through troubles during the 2008 Financial Crisis. Due to a huge reduction in income and a mountain of debt, Damon was forced to sell his family home and file for bankruptcy. It was tough selling home in that kind of real estate market; but through tons of research and trial and error, he was able to get through it. Thanks to those touch experiences, Damon is able to say that he’s smarter about how to handle challenging real estate problems. He has a personal connection to the issues that a home buyer will face. (And he also knows how to get homeowners out of trouble.) Damon is proud to say that he started Foxy Home Buyer to help others navigate the ever changing world of real estate. He wants you to know your options and help guide you to the best decision to guarantee the best outcomes. Learn more at:!

Kelly Charles-Collins is a partner with the Tampa trial and appellate firm of Smoak, Chistolini & Barnettt. She has over 17 years of experience representing management in employment law matters. Kelly also presides as a Certified Arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association over employment, commercial and consumer cases in the U.S. and internationally. Mrs. Charles-Collins represents clients in a broad spectrum of industries, including food service, automotive, community management, community associations, healthcare, transportation, information technology, security services, cruise lines, risk management and government contractors. Mrs. Charles-Collins is very active in her community and has routinely provided pro-bono legal services. Kelly has so much talent in her legal abilities. Catch her on the show this morning at: and learn more about Kelly Charles-Collins at:!

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