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Getting Your Unfair Share of The Market


Opening up the program today was Tanya Cielo and Thomas Raad. Tanya Cielo is the founder of Sky Strategic Marketing where she helps business owners squash their competition and get their unfair share of business in the market. She is a certified marketing facilitator with 18 years of marketing experience for media companies such as Clear Channel, Cox Radio, Beasley Broadcasting and AOL, resulting in revenue growth for her clients. Thomas Raad is the Vice President/Co-Owner of Lair Services where he is responsible for the day-to-day operations of client services and accountable for Lair’s sales growth and planning. Tom works hard to provide the most cost effective and efficient technology solutions for every client while remaining committed to high quality service and support. With over 15 years’ experience, Tom has worked with both Fortune 100 and small businesses. He is able to provide invaluable and insightful observations about the technology needs of clients of all sizes, in a variety of industries. Thomas shares with us his story of working in Best Buy as a sales rep and then taking the entrepreneurial plunge alongside co-worker and now partner David Lair. Initially beginning as consultants, they have grown the company into a leading provider of IT managed solutions. From cyber-security to network administration, they work with businesses to keep their data safe and secure. David shares with us some recent trends in cyber-security including ransomware and how those applications set up on servers and how to defend against them. Jamie and he also share a discussion on how to manage employee’s time on the Internet and keep them working effectively and not net surfing. Through a BNI group, Thomas met Tanya and they both complement each other as clients. Tanya has been providing marketing solutions for over 10 years and shares with us 3 tips a business owners should do before launching a marketing campaign hinging on #1 which is to be concise and know your audience. Casting a large net can work against the interests of the campaign and it’s always advisable to focus on niche. Tanya also touches on some social media tips, a cornerstone of any successfully marketing campaign too and we find out how she relates marketing to fantasy football, one of her passions. Learn more about them at and about Lair at!

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