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Helping Women Feel Comfortable Though Fashion


AT 8am, we launched #WorkingWomenWednesday. Jessica Rivelli, coming off a successful Working Women Conference, was vacationing and we spoke with Kate Campbell, Committee Advisor with Tampa Bay Fashion Week. Kate Campbell is a marketing/retail consultant, and committee advisor and longtime supporter of Tampa Bay Fashion Week. She most recently served as the Fashion Director at the Art Institute of Tampa where she brought her expertise as a fashion buyer and retail manager to the curriculum. Her retail career involves a variety of retail operations, including: specialty apparel, accessories, and home goods. Her interests range from entrepreneurship to fashion, and she is also interested in education, enjoying and promoting the Tampa Bay area, and current events as they impact the consumer. Fashion week kicks off in Tampa Bay with a few different event dates and locations on September 21st and runs through September 24, learn more at!

Our next guest on the program was Marilin Larken. Marilin is a portrait photographer located in Apollo Beach and has over 20 years of art and design experience including drawing, painting, graphic and web design. When her daughter was a baby, her husband gifted her the first professional camera and she fell in love with photography. Since then, this medium has given me her the creative outlet she needed to feed her artistic side. She works primarily with women with an emphasis on portraiture and you can see some of her beautiful imagery at or contact her today at 813-319-4203 for your next portrait!

WE closed out the show with Judy DiVincenzo-Alonzo, Founder of Still Sassy Sister, a clothing line designed to help the “real women” feel comfortable with her body while working out. A lifelong passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle started in her early 20’s but really kicked in once her two children came into the world. Fueled by a passion for creating and modeling a healthy lifestyle for her children, she became an avid reader of health related publications. She was making her own natural baby food long before it was in vogue to do so, and also remaking recipes for her family to cut down on the fats, sugars and “chemicals” pervasive in processed foods. Personal fitness pursuits ran the gamut from running, swimming, weight training, and every new aerobic type class along the way. She was also concurrently a fashion mag “junkie,” always intrigued by its artistic relationship with the human form. These two interests would become the building blocks for years later. Ten years ago she took her first Yoga class and was hooked, with the inspiration that yoga was as close to the fountain of youth as was possible with the flexibility, posture, strength, and concentration it promoted. Judy maintains that many of the signs of aging are thwarted by a commitment to an active and fit lifestyle.

After approximately 15 years of co-owning a company in the finance industry she became inspired to begin a second career incorporating her passions for health, fitness, fashion and beauty. Hating the fact that women judge themselves by “size and shape” instead of “healthy,” was created with the intention of making all women feel confident and enjoy their workout even more. Small but critical tweaks in design, have let us create a great new fitness apparel line that is designed with the concerns of women in mind. You no longer have to look like a fitness model to look amazing and feel great while you are in class or the gym! Learn more at!

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