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Building a Better Customer Service Business


#FocusFriday is here on #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni once again! The main goal of #FocusFriday, sponsored by Juliann Nichols, the CEO of Focus On You Strategy; is to unleash the CEO in you and arise to the potential that she knows you have. Owning a business isn’t just about signing the paychecks. Juliann Nichols knows this through so much business experience through her life, and is specially qualified to advise you in the directions that your business should take. Tried and Tested, she can help you get your business on track, and to be the business leader you were meant to be. Today on #FocusFriday, Juliann Nichols sent her Chief Strategist, Angie Lusk to discuss the topic of this Focus Friday, How you can build your business around what your customers are requesting. In other words, staying ahead of the competition – something that can make or break your business. However, on the 8AM Hour, Jamie Meloni welcomed Jimmy Barker, a Tampa Bay Business Owner, and the Founder of BioDesign Wellness Center; and Wendy Long, the Owner of LaDee-Da Kids Spa! If you missed out, then head over to Jamie Meloni’s YouTube Channel at:! You can also find recaps of the show here on this blog, or at!

Hey Business Owners! Ever heard of The Tampa Bay Business Owners? Take advantage of #ThatBusinessShow and the #TBBO partnership and schedule an interview today. We are offering a promotional package for $100 off of the membership at TBBO for new members that pay in full and come in through the radio show – easiest way to request is to visit and fill out the interview request form. We are regularly reaching 4000 to 5000 viewers and listeners each show not to mention the views, likes, and shares we get through social media. Some video posts get over 4,000 views just on the fan page!! Thanks again to our show supporters and listeners!

Angie Lusk is the Chief Strategist of Focus On You Strategy. Angie Lusk helps people develop plans and processes to execute their vision and accomplish their goals. She spent ten years running fast-paced campaigns that relied on precise plans to run successfully. She knows first-hand the challenges of starting your own business because five years ago she started her own vacation planning business – Trips with Angie. If you missed her amazing segment, you can head over to: now, and to learn more about Focus On you Strategy, then head over to:!

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