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Though a portion of Tampa Bay is feeling a bit “under the weather” (Literally), the show must go on as they say! Thanks for tuning in to #ThatBusinessShow, where business becomes show business. Remember, you can tune in every weekday at 7AM through 9AM, as we will be highlighting entrepreneurs throughout Tampa Bay, and especially from the Working Women of Tampa Bay on Wednesday for #WorkingWomenWednesday, and The Tampa Bay Business Owners, which Jamie Meloni is a Business Partner, and you can hear that special on #TBBOTuesday! Want to get on the program? Visit to apply for a spot on the program and take advantage of $100 off of TBBO membership in the process. Find us online at and subscribe to us on YouTube at

Our first guests were Frank Coto and Marc Ensign. Frank Coto is the President and Owner of Lincoln Lending Group. Lincoln Lending Group was started in 2003 by a savvy group of Real Estate Professionals and Investors who have built it over the last 10 years to compete directly with larger Banks both in service and mortgage rates. Frank encourages any potential customer to go to their local bank and obtain the best deal they can and his promise is always to beat it. Frank Coto and the dedicated staff at Lincoln Lending Group will not let you down. Marc Ensign also joined the show on this hour, and he has been actively involved in the world of digital marketing since 1998 when the Internet was still being held together with scotch tape, bubble gum and a box of discarded America Online CD’s. He first got his start as the founder of an award winning agency and then over the years graduated into an illustrious career as a speaker, author and consultant. Using the skills he acquired while working with Fortune 500 Companies like Nike, American Express and Berkshire Hathaway, Marc now creates experts. He helps individuals and companies from around the world transform their knowledge, experience and expertise into a new currency called “digital influence” in an effort to dramatically grow their business and create new revenue streams. He’s currently writing a book, proudly called, “Be a Dick”, which is a story about his neighbor Rick, who is an extraordinary person. Also, fun fact: he was on Broadway! To learn more about Marc, head over to:!

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