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Award Winning Home Care in Tampa Bay


Happy Thursday and thank you for taking the time to read our show recap. All past recaps / blogs can be found at in addition to the link on Tampa Bay Business Owners and That Business Show continue to grow together. We signed up a new TBBO sponsor in Yeager & Company this week. Jim Yeager is the Owner and they are a third generation flooring company based in Odessa, Florida with a large warehouse to preview flooring samples. Find them online at and be sure to help support them as they help support the Mission of TBBO and That Business Show!

Today at 7am, we welcomed Avivit Ben-Aharon, Founder and Clinical Director of Gr8Speech, an online solution to speech therapy. Avivit is a speech therapist by trade and developed an online portal to work with her patients. The portal found at has raised the bar for her business and she talks about the amazing results she has had with it in interacting with her patients versus traditional in office settings. Gr8 Speech utilizes video conferencing technology to provide live, interactive, highly individualized services worldwide and anyone from friends and family to other practitioners can join in on the treatment sessions. Avivit shares her own personal story of battling a speech issue during her teenage years. Arriving from Israel, she did not speak English and was teased and bullied during her learning years. That led to her passion to help others with speech impediments and today has helped thousands of patients with speech issues from stuttering to lisps and more. She works with children and adults of all ages and advises the best time to seek treatment for a child if a parents suspects a speech issue is at age 2. While many parents wait longer, the earlier the issue is worked on, the better and quicker the results. For more information, visit or email her at!

At 7:30, Greg Lynch, Owner of Sir Grout Tampa joined the #MorningDiscussion. Sir Grout is a nationally award-winning tile, grout, stone and wood restoration company. After spending years working in the insurance industry, Greg decided to make a career switch after reading about the Sir Grout franchise in a magazine. Parlaying the skills and relationships he built during his time working in the insurance industry, Greg launched his own Sir Grout franchise in Tampa in 2009. Seven years later, Greg’s business has flourished across the Hillsborough County and Greater Tampa Area. Greg uses a proprietary method to clean grout and then seal it and the results last 5 to 7 years with proper follow up care. He talks about some of the inferior providers of grout services and how his product and service differs in this segment and strong cautioned against carpet companies offering this service. While a bit higher than average, the quality and care he provides his customers is worth the difference. In addition to grout cleaning, he offers additional services including granite sealing and shower / shower door restoration. Find Greg online at or give him a call today at 813-948-2488!

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