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FitFoods in #TampaBay!


On the 8AM Hour with Guest Host Ron Eccles, we welcomed Deano Kastis and Stella Giudicelli on the show! Deano Kastis is the Founder of Naked FitFoods! Naked Fit Foods is a subsidiary of the Acropolis Restaurant Group, Tampa Bay’s award winning restaurant chain, of which we are sure many of you have heard of. All of their meals – which are of many different varieties fitting many different lifestyles, are 100% never frozen, and are made of local and organic ingredients. Stella certainly vouched for Naked FitFoods, as she said that she tried many different options around the bay but this is the one to beat! You can find out more at! And if you missed this segment, please head over to to get filled in and get the scoop!

Our last guest was Sareet Majumdar, President of ICTC USA! Sareet is known for his public speaking, and today he came onto the show to discuss the manufacturing industry in the United States! He is a firm believer in helping people spend less in production, while at the same time maintaining industry secrets and protecting your invention from overseas competition. He came on the show to tell our listeners that the American manufacturing dream isn’t dead, and is actually quite steady. He and Ron Eccles discussed that Americans have to let go of the idea that Americans themselves want to make shoes and pencils. Which trends show is true. Instead, Americans should fight for the high tech manufacturing that requires more skills and education. It was a great discussion on #ThatBusinessShow with Guest Host Ron Eccles, and if you missed out, just head over to to get filled in. And thank you again for tuning in every weekday at 7AM to 9AM for That Business Show, Where Business Becomes Show Business!


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