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Focusing on You This Friday


#ThatBusinessShow opened this morning at 7AM on #1250WHNZ, we welcomed Juliann Nichols, CEO of Focus On You Strategy as the Guest Host for Jamie Meloni, who is on vacation! Making both of the hours of the show become #FocusFriday! At 7AM, Juliann welcomed Celine J. Pastore, Financial Advocate and Fiduciary – who is passionate about helping women in their retirement. At 8AM, the conversation opened with JD Christie and Thomas Rossewey. JD Christie is the Owner of Fitness Together in Belleair. Thomas Rossewey is the Owner of and is also a practitioner with Massage & Wellness Spa! If you missed out on the show this morning, then you can tune in at and over at our YouTube Channel at!

On the 7AM Hour, it was Focus Friday with Juliann Nichols, the CEO of Focus On You Strategy. Juliann brought Celine J. Pastore, Financial Advocate and Fiduciary onto the #FocusFriday discussion! “Imagine What’s Next. Plan Today. Own Tomorrow.” The discussion today was focused on women’s retirement. Women have unique challenges when it comes to planning their retirement. The good news is that they tend to live longer. The bad news is that it takes more money and puts more pressure on their retirement accounts to pay for that long life. Celine knows this, and is dedicated to advising you in your retirement. Hope is not a very reliable strategy. If you want to own your future you must begin to plan for retirement today! You can contact Celine at (727)-304-6000! And visit her website at!


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