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In 2013, Jamie started a radio show called The Jamie Meloni Real Estate show which aired Mondays at Noon on Tampa Bay's 1250 WHNZ. Then on February 2nd, 2015, he launched the 5 day a week live program, That Business Show which aired for two years from 7am to 9am each morning on 1250 WHNZ. In March of 2017, the program moved to an online web based television show and new episodes aired each morning (pre-recorded) at www.ThatBusinessNetwork.Com with Thursdays being The Real Estate Edition of the program. The program was ended in October 2017 but past episodes remain online to listen to. Jamie has interviewed over 1100 different business professionals and has a vast network of contacts across Tampa Bay and the Country as a result of the radio show / podcast and his extensive success in Real Estate sales. Learn more about the show at www.ThatBusinessNetwork.Com!

#FocusFriday Focusing on Brand Development and Customer Experience


Today we highlighted another edition of #FocusFriday which is brought to us by Juliann Nichols, CEO of Focus on You Strategy, where she brings the CEO out in you!  We were joined in studio for a group discussion alongside Laura Sayegh, Jennifer Frazier and Susie Pecuch for a discussion on how focusing on a niche can explode your business.  We began the discussion with Laura.  Laura is the President and Chief Design Officer of Laura’s Design Studio.  We focused this part of the discussion on the importance of quality logo design and what to look for when you design your logo.  It is important to create a logo in vector format she stresses so that it is scalable and can be placed anywhere easily from a website or business card to a large billboard.  You should also be sure to receive the logo in several different formats including .ai, .tiff, .eps, .png and .pdf in addition to the standard .jpg.  Laura is more than just logo design too though so consider her a resource for brand development.  You can find her online at or via phone at 813-416-2687.

We then moved the discussion over to Jennifer Frazier, Creative Director and Senior Copywriter with The Creative Stable.  Jennifer has been in business since 1990 in this industry and has worked on many branding operations including currently working with a candidate for Pasco County Property Appraiser where she talks about some of the differences and challenges in dealing with a political versus business campaign.  Jennifer stresses the importance of having a strong brand right out of the box because that is your unique fingerprint.  You should also involve a copywriter in designing your brand in addition to a designer due to the synergy that develops when two creative minds come together to “Focus” on an idea or vision.  Consider her a resource for advertising and brand development too and learn more at or give her a call today at 813-991-2334.

In this hour’s last segment, we talked with Susie Pecuch, Owner of Design the Customer Conversation.  An expert in the area of branding the customer experience, Susie has helped world-class companies for over 20 years strengthen their bottom line by moving customers from loyalty to advocacy.  She talks on this segment about how to do this and the power of having the customer do the marketing for you.  This is accomplished simply by giving them a powerful experience that makes them want to talk about you and give you referrals.  To start, you need to “focus” on being in the customer’s shoes and knowing who they are and how they view you and what their needs are.   What message do you want your customer to leave with?  This is your marketing message and crucial to brand development and business growth.  By getting the customer to market for you, growth is a natural result.  We discussed a recent report out by the Harvard Business Review too which discovered that the best predictor of the growth of a business  was how positively customers responded to the question “will you recommend me?”  Not only did the business need a strong recommendation, anything less than a 10 out of 10 was seen as a failure, indicating some sort of dissatisfaction with the business so it is important to strive for quality reviews through great customer service.  Susie is another highly experienced brand builder having worked with the likes of Nike and Walt Disney World and she can help you with creating a great customer experience as well.  Find out more about her at or give her a call at 407-310-6386.

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