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Zip Lining Through Tampa Bay!


Leading off today was Joe DeRing, Owner of Empower Adventures. Joe is a Veteran of our US Army and served multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. He returned home and made the transition into entrepreneurship focusing on the skills he learned while in the military on leading others. Jamie and Joe discuss this transition at the onset of the segment and Joe admits it was not an easy transition and one in which many Veterans struggle with, but his key was finding his passion he said and from there it became doable in his mind. “Find your passion” and it all flows from there. The company was founded in 2009 and has 3 locations. The primary location is at 423 Lafayette Blvd in Oldsmar and includes a zip line canopy tour. The zip line is located inside a nature park and in addition to the thrill of riding the zip line, you can tour the area known as Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve. The minimum age to ride the zip tour is 7 years old and 70 pounds and for the bigger guys, max weight is around 280 pounds. Tours and the zip line are open daily from 10am to 6pm and reservations are recommended. With the upcoming 4th of July weekend, this is an excellent family outing and expect about 2 hours to enjoy it all. They are open on the 4th so reach out to them today, 813-448-5635 or online at!

At 7:30, we welcomed Expert Contributors Kelly Hamm and Nick Paras to the program for a co-branded segment. Kelly is the Founder of Billmeyer Hamm Consulting, focusing on workforce culture, HR, succession planning and more related to overall design and organization of the business. Nick is the CEO of Alpha Computing Solutions, bringing over 20 years of experience in IT solutions to the marketplace. Together, their synergy results in a greater value to the business professional and they have come together to benefit Bay area business owners. Combined, you have an IT and HR department duo that can add to your bottom line without the expense of employing the actual department. They are hosting a free workshop on July 13th at the Centre Club from 8:30 to 10:30 entitled, “5 Steps To Ignite Your Workforce Culture Proven To Increase Your Bottom Line” Again, registration is free and you register at and we have a link on the home page of TampaBayRadio.Com as well to the event. Kelly and Jamie discussed today about having the right organizational design. Do you have a leadership team in place and in sync? Do you have your business goals defined? Is leadership casting the right shadow? These are just some of the questions that leaders need to ask themselves to enhance their workforce culture and improve bottom line profits. A recent study shows that in a typical business, 71% of all employees are not fully engaged in their work and the mission of the organization. This is where Kelly comes in. By working with management and staff, she advised on how to improve the overall culture to get people engaged. Through the show and TBBO, she found Nick Paras. They discovered a lot of synergy exists in their businesses. Nick looks at the IT side of the business starting with an initial consultation with management and then through a software that identifies key areas of weakness in the organization’s IT. A discussion then follows on how to improve the traditional infrastructure i.e. cables, modem etc. and then a deeper discussion on the alternative infrastructure (people). This is where the synergy exists with Nick and Kelly and how you the business owner can benefit from a working relationship with Billmeyer Hamm Consulting and Alpha Computing Solutions. Learn more at their event noted prior or find them online at or!

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