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JOLT Yourself With a Vegan Lifestyle


Kicking off the 8am hour was John Oliver, an elite level Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He has a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology with a concentration on Strength and Conditioning Coaching. John works with professional athletes, physicians, children, people with physically and or mental disabilities as well as average everyday people. He is the President of JOLT ® (an elite level Personal Training company), CEO/President of BLAST (a Fitness and wellness center), and an owner of Fit 4 Life Formula ® (a Health and Wellness community). John has been involved in the health and wellness industry all his life, from playing sports at the highest level possible to working with and mentored by some of the most elite professionals in the country. A former WVU basketball player, Jamie and John share some good laughs over the culture shock both he and John experienced going into and out of West Virginia.  Jamie left West Virginia for the larger city life and experienced the culture shock of country to city life whereas John, originally from New York, experienced the opposite culture shock in college.  Good laughs and good wellness information in this segment.  Learn more at!

Rounding out our wellness discussion were Johan Everstijn and Roland Strobel, Founders of The Cider Press Café.  This restaurant, focused on vegan foods, was inspired by their realization of the problems associated with processed foods when seeing the difference healthy foods made in their dog’s life.  As Johan notes, he was not a lifelong healthy eater and this awakened him to the value of living a healthy lifestyle.  Roland, his partner, joined him in their mission to not only improve their health, but also show and help others through their business.  Johan, who explains that vegan and vegetarian are not the same thing, describes several of the dishes available and how he learned to create these as the culinary expert of the operation.  Roland, the operational expert, works to keep the books in order and business flowing.  They have two locations, one in Naples and the other in St. Petersburg at 601 Central Ave.  The restaurant has received rave reviews from local press and offers a unique variety of vegan delicacies.  Visit them online today at!

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