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Puerto Rican "Pinchos"?


In the 8am hour, we welcomed newly appointed Chair of the Music Department with the Patel Conservatory at the Straz Center, Dr. Lauren Baker Murray. Lauren, a trained oboist, recently returned to Tampa to accept this position and expand on the Music Department at the Patel Conservatory. Jamie, who has minimal knowledge of musical production, enjoyed the discussion and learned some of the musical basics like “what is an oboe”. Jamie and Lauren enjoy a spirited, light hearted conversation on the basic mechanical elements of an orchestra like the role of the Conductor (Jamie doesn’t think they are needed) and also why musicians keep the sheet music in front of them during the concert (Jamie thinks they should have that memorized and is amazed they can read music and play the instrument fluidly at the same time). Lauren spoke of some of the upcoming children’s camps available and hopes to expand the Music Department to include adult camps also, of which Jamie would love to participate if percussion was taught. Visit for more information!

Closing out today’s program was Ross Glass, Realtor and member of The Griffin Group at Coldwell Banker. Ross, originally from Puerto Rico, shares with us his story of transition from the more low key Puerto Rico to the faster pace economy of the States. Starting out at age 19 in the States as a pool cleaner, he was moved into Real Estate through the guidance of a friend and then learned of the successes and resources available through Christina Griffin and The Griffin Group, joining them in the past year. Ross is an avid cyclist and athlete too and Jamie and he share a great story on Jamie’s youth, which involved a painful collision with a bicycle sparked by a challenge by Jamie’s best friends brother Kevin. The segment goes way off topic from Real Estate but is spirited and fun throughout. Learn more about the Griffin Group and Ross at or give him a call today at 813-928-1859.

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