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Weight Loss Nation on TBS


Coming on the 8AM Hour was Diane Daniels. Joining Diane was 3 of her 9 mentors, Barb Hennessy, Lorena Saavedra Smith, and Patricia Welter. Barb Hennesy is the founder of the Joy Within, Focusing on helping those with disabilities and emotional eating issues find help, and even some resolution. Lorena Saavedra Smith is the Program Director and Owner of HanaqPrana Yoga. Based in Wesley Chapel, She offers 10 :30 minute consultations if you mention the code – iHeart 10 -! You can visit HanaqPrana Yoga at! Diane’s last guest was Patricia Welter. Patricia is the Co Owner of Suncoast Pilates. Working alongside Diane with the Weightloss Nation, Patricia offers a free 30 minute session at Suncoast Pilates! Just Mention the code – iHeart10 -! Diane Daniels is a successful entrepreneur as a Medicare Advisor and author of “The Medicare Survival Guide”. Since childhood, she has struggled with maintaining a healthy weight. Being unsuccessful with so many different weight loss programs, Diane decided to find the answer to achieving long term weight loss on her own. The result is Weight Loss Nation; a remarkable solution to a very real problem. Weight Loss Nation is different from any other weight loss program, because support is the #1 priority. She is the Host of the Weight Loss Nation podcast.

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