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Helping Schools on #ThatBusinessShow


Good morning and welcome to another episode of #ThatBusinessShow! It was a great morning here on the show, as we had two wonderful guests, both who #HelpOurCity with their work! That’s what the show is all about, bringing different business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals together to spread their message on the #MorningAir! Live in studio every weekday at 8am on #1250WHNZ, our Host, Jamie Meloni, invites you to share your business with the Tampa Bay community! So head over to to listen to the show, and then fill out a contact form to let our producers know what it is you do! Feel free to for bookings as well. Coming on the show first today calling in was Eileen O’Brien, Director of Tools 4 Life Counseling, helping people who suffer from PTSD, Depression, and many other ailments. Joining the #Discussion next was Ginger Bean, Executive Director of The OASIS Network! Thank you for tuning in every weekday at 8am for #ThatBusinessShow, your continues support of the show is greatly valued! If you missed the #MorningDiscussion, then head to, or head to Jamie’s YouTube Channel at to watch the show on demand, and leave a thumbs up!

Eileen O’Brien serves as the director of Tools4 Life Counseling in Tampa Florida She is a Florida Licensed mental health counselor who has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Maryland system and a Bachelor’ degree in Education from Kent State University. Eileen has twenty four years of experience working with clients who have struggled with PTSD or trauma related , abuse, depression and addiction. On a personal note, she was born with cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair for daily mobility. Despite her disabilities, she has continued to blaze the trail in the treatment of the treatment of PTSD and/or trauma based, depression and addiction through the use of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). Eileen spoke to us a little about the science behind EMDR, which EMDR is an advanced brain based form of counseling which yields faster, more effective results than traditional forms of counseling. For more information on Eileen and all that she does, visit, or call 813-693-5595!

Ginger has been the Executive Director of OASIS Network for the past 8 years. Her experience with OASIS began as a volunteer shortly after friends of hers founded the small grass-roots non-profit in 2001, and she later joined the board. Under Ginger’s guidance, OASIS Network has grown from one warehouse site serving school social workers, to four sites, scattered strategically around the large Hillsborough County, and currently serves approximately 11,000 students per year. She described to us the OASIS mission which is to:

“Provide at-risk students in Hillsborough County public schools with basic necessities such as gently used school clothing, new uniform clothing, socks, underwear, shoes, hygiene items.”

#HelpingOurCity, Ginger does amazing work for the children in our community, but could use a helping hand. Consider putting some time into helping Ginger and the OASIS Network, and contact Ginger Bean at or at!

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