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In 2013, Jamie started a radio show called The Jamie Meloni Real Estate show which aired Mondays at Noon on Tampa Bay's 1250 WHNZ. Then on February 2nd, 2015, he launched the 5 day a week live program, That Business Show which aired for two years from 7am to 9am each morning on 1250 WHNZ. In March of 2017, the program moved to an online web based television show and new episodes aired each morning (pre-recorded) at www.ThatBusinessNetwork.Com with Thursdays being The Real Estate Edition of the program. The program was ended in October 2017 but past episodes remain online to listen to. Jamie has interviewed over 1100 different business professionals and has a vast network of contacts across Tampa Bay and the Country as a result of the radio show / podcast and his extensive success in Real Estate sales. Learn more about the show at www.ThatBusinessNetwork.Com!

#ThatBusinessShow with Topher Morrison and Stella Guidicelli


Happy Monday and welcome to another episode of #ThatBusinessShow on #1250whnz every weekday at 8am! This week Jamie is out sadly, Topher Morrison is stepping into his shoes for the week. Topher tells us that Jamie is: A. Suck in a well B.Receiving astronaut training in NASA and C. Trekking the mountains of the east – and apparently that’s why Jamie wont be in this week. Regardless, we welcomed the lovely Stella Guidicelli as our co host to Topher. We had a great lineup of guests on a very technologically centered show. Going up to be interviewed first on #ThatBusinessShow was John Cremeans, Executive Vice President of My Cool Inventions Radio. Following up after John was Tony Selvaggio, Founder of eSmart Recycling. On our last segment we welcomed Chris Jenkins, Chief Technology Officer of Symphoni Media. We thank you for joining us on #ThatBusinessShow with Topher Morrison and Stella Guidicelli, and remember to tune into the show at or at #1250whnz every weekday at 8am!

On our first segment, Topher and Stella welcomed John Cremeans, Executive Vice President of My Cool Inventions Radio. John is one of the first on-air home shopping hosts and considered a pioneer in the home shopping industry. John spoke to us about his over 30,000 Hours of ‘Live Television’ Experience – That’s more TV experience than Jay Leno, Johnny Carson or Any Major Broadcast Television News Anchor. With over 2 Billion dollars in sales, he’s quite the force to be reckoned with! John and Topher discussed what makes a product great, and Topher even tried to pitch to a Pitchman – not the best of ideas. You can learn more about John Cremeans, Executive Vice President of My Cool Inventions Radio at! We had a great discussion in that segment so if you missed out on John Cremeans, head to the show at or head to to see the livestream!

Joining #ThatBusinessShow with Topher Morrison and Stella Guidicelli next was Tony Selvaggio, Founder eSmart Recycling, a division of Scrap on Spot. Tony has learned how to identify and create value where others see trash. He spoke to us about his noble pursuit, recycling older technology such as PCs and phones, and giving them to countries that do not have the resources to provide these technologies to the people that need them. Tony has helped kids all around the world get the computers they need to facilitate better learning and learn the skills they need in an ever-more modern world. Topher and Tony had a great discussion of what eSmart Recycling does, and you can learn more about Tony and eSmart at or contact him at

On our last segment we welcomed Chris Jenkins, Chief Technology Officer of Symphoni Media. Chris is a web developer and serial entrepreneur who believes the most important part of technology is how it affects people in their daily lives. Chris was discussing with us how as Chief Technology Officer of Symphoni Media, he leads a development team focused on automation and integration for the web. He discussed with Topher technologies like Google Plus, and how entrepreneurs need to understand that failure is a normal part of the process of business building and that even companies like Google fail at 3/4ths of the things they do. After exchanging some pro-Apple pro-PC banter, they had a great discussion on some new tech. If you missed out on #ThatBusinessShow with our Guest Host Topher Morrison, you can head over to to catch the show on demand!

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