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In 2013, Jamie started a radio show called The Jamie Meloni Real Estate show which aired Mondays at Noon on Tampa Bay's 1250 WHNZ. Then on February 2nd, 2015, he launched the 5 day a week live program, That Business Show which aired for two years from 7am to 9am each morning on 1250 WHNZ. In March of 2017, the program moved to an online web based television show and new episodes aired each morning (pre-recorded) at www.ThatBusinessNetwork.Com with Thursdays being The Real Estate Edition of the program. The program was ended in October 2017 but past episodes remain online to listen to. Jamie has interviewed over 1100 different business professionals and has a vast network of contacts across Tampa Bay and the Country as a result of the radio show / podcast and his extensive success in Real Estate sales. Learn more about the show at www.ThatBusinessNetwork.Com!

The Largest Eye Bank In The World, and Growing Your Business


Welcome to another episode of #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni! Happy friday, and today we had a great lineup. Remember that the show airs live on #1250whnz at 8am, and can also be found on along with all of our guests and other shows! Today we welcomed Jason Woody, President and CEO of Lions Eye Institute, He and his dedicated team have helped bring the “gift of sight” to over 65,000 men, women and children around the world His true commitment to help those blind or visually has been demonstrated by his over 25 year tenure with the Lions Eye Institute. Also with us on the show was Cindy Hesterman, Chair of Vistage Florida. Cindy became a Vistage Chair in 2002 so she could focus her career on helping executives become better leaders, make better decisions and achieve better results. We had great content today, and you can listen to the show live every weekday at 8am or at, or catch the live stream on YouTube, at

On our first segment was Jason Woody, President and CEO of Lions Eye Institute. Since 1973 the Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research has brought the “Gift of Sight” to over 52,000 men, women and children around the world and provided over 30,000 eyes for invaluable research. The Lions Eye Institute has been ranked the single largest eye bank in the world for the past decade. Jason and I discussed the need for organ donors, and what Lions Eye has done for the world as a non profit company. Jason gave us a bit of the history of Lions Eye, beginning in 1917 with the inspiration of Hellen Keller. Now the company is global, and has the largest facilities for ocular studies. By the year 2020, over 43 million Americans will develop a blinding eye disease. Jason informed our listeners eye disease is guaranteed…if you live long enough you will develop an eye disease. Great content here on #ThatbusinessShow with Jamie Meloni! You can find out more about Lions Eye Institute at

Joining us for our last segment was Cindy Hesterman, Chair of Vistage Florida. Vistage combines monthly peer group meetings, resource speakers, executive coaching, and access to a brain trust of over 19,000 members in 16 countries. As part of Vistage’s program of ongoing personal and professional development, Cindy facilitates the group meetings and conducts monthly one-to-one executive coaching sessions with each CEO member in her two CEO groups. She discussed with us that using a group to make decisions in your company is a better way to ensure that you’re making the right choices as a business owner. She has seen companies triple their growth with Vistage. You can learn more about Vistage Florida and contact Cindy Hesterman at or at

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